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The Carrara stunning Living Room Set has beautiful curves. The cover of the sofa is made with luxuriously soft velvet. Silver Nailheads, Tufted with crystal accents. Silver and Crystal Accents crystal ties in beauty of the fresh look. The swivel armchair has back tufting accents. Transitional design with a lavish movie-star touch. Gray/blue finish with crystal accents. Tufted upholstered luxurious velvet fabric. Hardwood frame with nailhead appliqué. Solid wood legs for added beauty

Experience the allure of the Carrara Sofa Set, a stunning addition to your living room decor. This sofa showcases a transitional design that exudes a movie-star elegance, instantly elevating the style of any space. The gray/blue finish with crystal accents creates a captivating visual impact, while the tufted upholstered luxurious velvet fabric offers a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Crafted on a sturdy hardwood frame, the Afreen Sofa ensures durability and longevity. The nailhead appliqué detailing adds a charming and intricate touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. With solid wood legs, this sofa not only exudes elegance but also exhibits stability and sturdiness.

Whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening at home, the Carrara Sofa Set provides unmatched comfort and style. Its sumptuous velvet fabric invites you to sink in and relax, while the tufted design enhances the visual appeal. Settle into its plush cushions and feel the ultimate indulgence of this stunning piece of furniture.

The Carrara Sofa Set is the ideal choice for those seeking a statement piece that seamlessly blends transitional design with opulent accents. Its distinctive features, from the crystal accents to the nailhead appliqué, make it a true masterpiece. Elevate your living room decor to new heights with the Carrara Sofa Set, a symbol of luxury and allure.

88”W 36"D 32"H
Weight: 112.43 lb.
Weight Capacity: 600 lb
69”W 36"D 32"H
Weight: 92.59 lb.
Weight Capacity: 450 lb
Chair Dimensions:
31 H x 35.'' W x 32”D
Weight: 70.55 lb
Weight Capacity: 250 lb

Carrara Crystal Tufted Nailhead Velvet Grey Living Room Set

C$4,999.99 Regular Price
C$2,499.99Sale Price
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